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To find out the exact time:

Telnet: india.colorado.edu 13

You'll see something like this:

Escape character is '^]'.
Sun Apr  5 14:11:41 1992
Connection closed by foreign host.

The middle line tells you the date and exact Mountain Standard Time, as determined by a federal atomic clock.

If you want a more philosophical approach to your time, the U.S. Naval Observatory's Automated Data Service has copies of detailed papers on such things as "the nature of time." It also carries information on how to buy a clock, along with arcana on such things as "leap seconds."

Unfortunately the unrestricted telnet "ads" account that has been introduced at this place in previous release of this guide has been restricted for priviledged users. But an alternative way has also been set up.

Now, one has to use an e-mail query to get the information, so the following info would have better gone into another (see section Advanced E-mail) section, but for the "sake of history..."

There is a new experimental mail server called "adsmail" on tycho. It will send by return mail any of the ADS data files. You can obtain a list of available files by sending e-mail to <adsmail@tycho> with subject: `anything'. For example:

mail -s anything adsmail@tycho.usno.navy.mil

To obtain any pariticular ADS file, just send e-mail with the name of the command associated withe the file:

mail -s gpssy adsmail@tycho.usno.navy.mil

and in 10 minutes or less you will receive the requested file. This service extends ADS access to people who normally cannot telnet to tycho. Note that no password is required for e-mail service.

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