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cs.uwp.edu The `pub/music' directory has everything from lyrics of contemporary songs to recommended CDs of baroque music. It's a little different - and easier to navigate - than other ftp sites. File and directory names are on the left, while on the right, you'll find a brief description of the file or directory, like this:

SITES        1528  Other music-related FTP archive sites
classical/      -  (dir) Classical Buying Guide
database/       -  (dir) Music Database program
discog/         =  (dir) Discographies
faqs/           =  (dir) Music Frequently Asked questions files
folk/           -  (dir) Folk Music Files and pointers
guitar/         =  (dir) Guitar TAB files from ftp.nevada.edu
info/           =  (dir) rec.music.info archives
interviews/     -  (dir) Interviews with musicians/groups
lists/          =  (dir) Mailing lists archives
lyrics/         =  (dir) Lyrics Archives
misc/           -  (dir) Misc files that don't fit anywhere else
pictures/       =  (dir) GIFS, JPEGs, PBMs and more.
press/          -  (dir) Press Releases and misc articles
programs/       -  (dir) Misc music-related programs for various machines
releases/       =  (dir) Upcoming USA release listings
sounds/         =  (dir) Short sound samples
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When you switch to a directory, don't include the `/'. 7 p.m. - 7 a.m.

potemkin.cs.pdx.edu The Bob Dylan archive. Interviews, notes, year-by-year accounts of his life and more, in the `pub/dylan' directory. 9 p.m. - 9 a.m.

ftp.nevada.edu Guitar chords for contemporary songs are in the `pub/guitar' directory, in subdirectories organized by group or artist.

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