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mavel.loc.gov Run by the Library of Congress, this site provides numerous informational resources, including access to the Library's voluminous card catalog and all manner of data about the U.S. Congress.

gopher.lib.umich.edu Another source for a wide variety of government information, from Congressional committee assignments to information on NAFTA to economic statistics. ecix.doc.gov Information on conversion of military installations to private uses, run by the Department of Commerce.

sunsite.unc.edu Copies of the 1993 and 1994 U.S. federal budgets can be found by going into "Sunsite archives," then "Politics," then "Sunsite political science archives."

wiretap.spies.com Various documents related to the government and constitution of Canada can be found in the "Government docs" area.

darcms1.dartmouth.edu Look for government jobs in the "Jobs" menu.

stis.nih.gov Go into the "Other U.S. government gopher servers" area for access to numerous other government gophers.

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