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David Riggins maintains a list of gophers by type and category. You can find the most recent one at the ftp site ftp.einet.net, in the pub directory. Look for a file with a name like `gopher-jewels.txt'. Alternately, you can get on a mailing list to get the latest version sent to your e-mailbox automatically. Send a mail message to <gopherjewelslist-request@tpis.cactus .org> (yep, that first part is all one word). Leave the "subject:" line blank, and as a message, write SUBSCRIBE.

The Interpedia project is an attempt to take gopher one step further, by creating an online repository of all of the interesting and useful information availble on the Net and from its users. To get on the mailing list for the project, send an e-mail message, with a "subject:" of "subscribe" to <interpedia-request@telerama.lm.com>. You can get supporting documentation for the project via anonymous ftp at ftp.lm.com in the `pub/interpedia' directory.

See also the Usenet newsgroups comp.infosystems.*:

comp.infosystems.gopher, comp.infosystems.wais, and comp.infosystems.www are places to go for technical discussions about Gopher, WAISs, and the World-Wide Web project respectively. Moreover there are comp.infosystems for more general discussion of related issues. The group comp.infosystems.gis relates to Geographic Information Systems, and thus is more specialized on this subject.

At present, there are no veronica clients; veronica is a gopher tool. An informal veronica FAQ is posted regularly in comp.infosystems.gopher and archived on veronica.scs.unr.edu as `veronica/veronica-faq'.

There even exists a Gopher service to read Usenet news: `gopher gopher.msu.edu 4320'. But, the lines behind this service are few, and thus it's likely that you get the following message, when trying to enter:

We are sorry, but our Usenet News gateway limits the number of
simultaneous connections.  If you were attempting to read news and were
instead directed to this file, all of those connections are in use.  We
offer this gateway as a "last resort" for people who have no other
access for reading Usenet.  We do not have the capacity to serve as the
Usenet gateway for large numbers of users around the Internet.
Individuals who like this style of access should ask their Internet
service providers to offer the same sort of gateway on their local
Gopher server.  Individuals and campuses should consider installing
local news feeds and local news readers (such as RN, NN, TIN, or
Trumpet) so that users can read and post to Usenet newsgroups

For system administrators: the software we use to implement this gateway
is the go4gw Gopher gateway software from Roland Schemers of Stanford
University.  This software should be available by anonymous ftp from
boombox.micro.umn.edu, somewhere under /pub/gopher.

-- The Michigan State University Gopher Team

"Reliable information is the basis of successful planning."
--- Christoph Columbus

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