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Once released, this document is archived in a number of archive sites around the world. Amongst them:

rtfm.mit.edu (
directory: `/pub/usenet/news.answers/mail'

lth.se (
directory: `/pub/archive2/netnews/news.answers/mail'

# ftp.uu.net (
directory: `/usenet/news.answers/mail'

# unix.hensa.ac.uk (
directory: `/pub/uunet/usenet/news.answers/mail'

# grasp1.univ-lyon1.fr (
directory: `/pub/faq/mail'

The tagged hosts (#) may not be accessible via Bear access or direct PC access in some cases.

Via listserver request: <listserver@grasp1.univ-lyon1.fr> with the command: `get faq mail/country-codes'.

All FAQs are also available via <listserv@cc1.kuleuven.ac.be> or <listserv@blekul11. bitnet>. For an index of all FAQs available, put the command `GET NETFAQS FILELIST' in the body of your message.

The document is also retrievable by sending e-mail to <mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu>, blank subject line and the command: `send usenet/news. answers/mail/country-codes'

The up-to-date, pre-release document is also available using an experimental simple mail-server that I have setup from my account. Send e-mail to: <ocl@ic.ac.uk> with a subject: `archive-server-request' and the command: `get mail/country-codes' in the body of your message.

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