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Cyberspace-related News bits

Anonymous (1992) Computers and Privacy: the eye of the beholder; through new laws on privacy, piracy and censorship; governments are writing a rulebook for the computer age Economist 319, 21--23, London.

Anonymous (1993) Excerpts from Senate Hearings on Ginzburg Supreme Court Nomination New York Times, July 23, A 16.

Anonymous (1992) The fruitful, tangled trees of knowledge The Economist, 323, 85.

Anonymous (1993) Interactive: What it means to you Newsweek, 121(22), 38--51.

Anonymous (1991) National research network driven by differing goals and visions; OTA concerns outlined; private control questioned; ANS advocates open policy Communications Daily, 11(108), 2.

Anonymous (1992) Secret Service undercover hacker investigation goes awry Communications Daily 12(218), 2.

Anonymous (1993) NTIA warned of regulating 'hate' speech Communications Daily, 13(84), 3.

Blankenhorn, Dana (1990) Dalai Lama starts his own online network Newsbytes, January 11.

Buckler, Grant (1990) Canada Remote expanding mail networks Newsbytes.

Buckler, Grant (1992) Canada Remote announces UNIX-based services Newsbytes, January 14.

Bulkeley, William M. (1993) Censorship fights heat up on academic networks Wall Street Journal, B1.

Gold, Steve (1990) CIX increases online charges; intros Usenet mail Newsbytes, January 4.

Gold, Steve (1991) UK: Direct Connection offers Usenet news service Newsbytes, March 25.

Huston, John (1993) Virtual Journalism Detroit Metro Times, 13(38), 24--28.

McCormick, John (1990) Stoned virus source code published Newsbytes, Sept. 7.

McMullen, Barbara E. & McMullen, John F. (1990a) Electronic frontiersmen launch online newsletter Newsbytes, Dec. 12.

McMullen, Barbara E. & McMullen, John F. (1990b) Review: the User's Directory of Computer Networks, a book edited by Tracy L. LaQuey Newsbytes, August 8, 20.

McMullen, Barbara E. & McMullen, John F. (1992) EFF examining arrest of 5 hackers Newsbytes, July 15.

McMullen, Barbara E. & McMullen, John F. (1993) EFF's Godwin -- Don't self-censor Newsbytes, April 26, 1993.

McMullen, Barbara E. & McMullen, John F. (1991) Well suspends international connect charge Newsbytes, January 9.

Powers, Rebecca (1993) Gizmo gadgets: New generation of technology Detroit News, July 19, 1E, 2E.

Rohrbaugh, Linda (1992) New T4 Mac viruses spread on Internet via Gomoku game Newsbytes, July 8.

Siverstein, Stewart (1990) Getting the message by computer. Home users attracted to electronic mail and other networks Los Angeles Times, v. 109, Oct. 12, A1.

Templeton, Brad (1992) CFP-2: computer crime session focuses on FBI wiretap bill Newsbytes, March 25.

Woods, Wendy (1990) Update -- new electronic newspaper available for Unix community Newsbytes, May 8.

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