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Essential Newsgroups

With so much to choose from, everybody will likely have their own unique Usenet reading list. But there are a few newsgroups that are particularly of interest to newcomers. Among them:

news.announce.newusers This group consists of a series of articles that explain various facets of Usenet.

news.newusers.questions This is where you can ask questions (we'll see how in a bit) about how Usenet works.

news.announce.newsgroups Look here for information about new or proposed newsgroups.

news.answers Contains lists of "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs) and their answers from many different newsgroups. Learn how to fight jet lag in the FAQ from rec.travel.air; look up answers to common questions about Microsoft Windows in an FAQ from comp.os.ms-windows; etc.

alt.internet.services Looking for something in particular on the Internet? Ask here.

alt.infosystems.announce People adding new information services to the Internet will post details here.

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