Zen and the Art of the Internet


The Matrix, 111.


At least one address, possibly two or even three--but we won't go into that.


See section Archive Servers, for a description.


The standard is written down in RFC-822. See section Requests for Comments for more info on how to get copies of the various RFCs.


Though if she asked, we'd certainly give her one.


See section Telnet, for notes on using the telnet program.


The Usenix conferences are semi-annual meetings where members of the Usenix Association, a group of Unix enthusiasts, meet and trade notes.


The slang for the normal land and air postal service.


But not changing their words, of course.


Note that the Clarinet News service (see section Clarinet News) offers news items in a Usenet format as a precise alternative to the morning paper, et. al.


The usage will, again, vary.


Derived in part from a letter by Severo M. Ornstein, in the Communications of the ACM, Vol 32 No 6, June 1989.


See the bibliography for full citations.


This section is part of the CPSR's letter to prospective members.


This section was derived from `eff.about', available along with other material via anonymous FTP from ftp.eff.org


As an aside, the editor of the GNU project, emacs, contains a built-in LISP interpreter and a large part of its functionality is written in LISP. The name GNU is itself recursive (the mainstay of the LISP language); it stands for "Gnu's Not Unix."