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Current Events

Every year, the CIA publishes a Fact Book that is essentially an almanac of all the world's countries and international organizations, including such information as major products, type of government and names of its leaders. It's available for searching through the University of Maryland Info Database.

Telnet: info.umd.edu

Chose a terminal type and hit enter (or just hit enter if you are using VT100). At the Gopher menu, choose the number next to "Educational Resources" and hit enter. Then do the same in the next menu for "International". One of your options will then be for "Factbook." Chose that one, and you can then search by country or agency. This site also maintains copies of the U.S. budget, documents related to the North American Free Trade Agreement and other government initiatives. At the "Educational Resources" menu, select the number next to "United States" and then the one next to "Government."

The Access Legislative Information Service lets you browse through and look up bills before the Hawaiian legislature. Telnet: access.uhcc.hawaii.edu

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