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Rutgers University's Campus-Wide Information Service has an online dictionary, thesaurus and database of familiar quotations, as well as online copies of the Bible, the Koran and the Book of Mormon and the U.S. Constitution.

Telnet: info.rutgers.edu
No log-in name is needed.

At the main menu, type


and hit enter. You'll see a menu like this:

Online reference material
Menu Commands...

Command         Purpose
-------         -------
Dictionary      Concise Oxford Dictionary, 8th Ed.
Thesaurus       Oxford Thesaurus
Familiar        Oxford Dictionary of Familiar Quotations (and Modern Q.)
World           CIA World Factbook
US              US government: Constitution, etc.
Religion        Bible, Book of Mormon, Koran

For more information you may look under Libraries in the main menu

Previous        Return to previous menu
Find            Search for information
Source          Age and provider of information.  Where to go for more.
Quit            Go back to main menu

Online reference material

To access any of them, type its name (dictionary, for example) and hit enter. You'll then be asked for the word to look for. If, instead, you type


and hit enter, you'll be able to search for a word or passage from the Bible, the Koran or the Book of Mormon.

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