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Paperware on the Net

The following is a compendium of sources that have information that will be of use to anyone reading this guide. Some of them were used in the writing of this guide, while others are simply noted because they are a must for any good net.citizen's bookshelf.

It might also be useful for those, who are interested in the history of the Internet. Thanks for the better part of this compilation to Henry Edward Hardy. It has been stripped from his Master's Thesis The History of the Net at the School of Communications, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI 49401. Version 7.2 was posted to comp.org.eff.talk on August 28, 1993.

Version 8.5 of The History of the Net is now available. This is exactly the same as the final, archival copy submitted to the Grand Valley State University Library. Work will continue to produce an article, and perhaps also a book, from this material. I invite continued responses, particularly with reference to the history of non-American networks. Corrections or general discussion are also welcome.

Please note that this is a draft of an unpublished work, here presented for purposes of peer review and comment. Please email comments, questions and errata to <seraphim@umcc.umich.edu>.

Current copies of this work are be available via `gopher umcc.umich.edu 1.14.3' and by anon ftp from umcc.umich.edu `/pub/seraphim/doc/nethist8.txt'.

I put a Mac Word and a postscript version of the text in the anon FTP directory if you would like a pretty version. A printed and bound (in one of those $3 hard 2-hole report binders) edition, numbered and signed by the author, is also available for $. Email me for details.

Thanks, --HH <seraphim@umcc.umich.edu>

Note that some publishers might also be contacted by e-mail, e.g. O'Reilly & Associates at <nuts@ora.com>.

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